2019/2020 Japanese Scholarship – All expense paid

Yes you heard it right, ALL EXPENSE PAID Scholarship to study any course of your choice in Japan. Closing June 14, 2019

MEXT 2020 Scholarship

Every year through its Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology, also known as MEXT, the Japanese government gives scholarships to International students who wish to study graduate and undergraduate courses at Japanese Universities.

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Closing Date: June 14, 2019

The aim of these scholarships is to foster human resources who will become bridges of friendship between Japan and their home countries and who are willing also to contribute to the development of both countries.

These scholarships are all expense paid including traveling allowance from the home country to Japan and it promises a sum of  ¥144,000 yen per month.

Here are basic instructions to get you started;


  1. Nationality: Applicants must be a citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan.
  2. Academic Qualification:
    1. For Masters Degree (Graduate category), you must have spent at least 16 years of academic life in your own country or any other country apart from Japan. What this means is that you have passed through Elementary, Secondary and university which cumulates to the 16 years.
    2. For Ph.D. Applicants (Graduate category), you must have been awarded a Masters degree in your home country.
  3. Age Requirement: You must not be born earlier than April 2, 1985, which means not more than 34 years old
  4. Language Proficiency: English Language proficiency is not a requirement neither is Japanese but you MUST be ready and willing to learn Japanese.
  5. Health: You will submit a health certificate signed by a doctor that affirms you are both physically and mentally fit to study in Japan.
  6. Visa: You will obtain a student visa all at your own expense at the Japanese Diplomatic mission in your own country, also known as the Japanese Embassy.

Please note: if you already have residency status in Japan and applying for this Scholarship, you must reobtain a student visa and apply from your own country and not from Japan.


  1. Allowance:
    1. For regular students going for Masters, you will be paid 144,000 yen on a monthly basis
    2. For Ph.D. students, you are paid 144,000 yen per month
  2. Education Fees: Entrance examination fees, matriculation, and tuition fees are all paid by MEXT.
  3. Traveling Expenses:
    1. MEXT (Japanese Government), pays for the traveling expenses which include flight ticket but you will bear all expense from your abode to the closest international airport as well as any lodging fees.
    2. After the program, MEXT also pays for your travel expense back to your home country. But if you choose not to go back after a stipulated time, you bear your own cost of traveling back home
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Check out the link below to get started with your application.

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Remember closing date is June 14, 2019, and you have much document to submit.


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