Receiving payment with ease: ePayment solutions for businesses


The goal of every business is to make money from their services or products (except you are running an NGO which technically can’t be counted as a business) and this is a thing of joy for the business owner. Normally, when you render a service or sell a product to a customer, you can easily get your rewards in cash and you are happy but this is changing.

Technology has made business transactions so so easy these days and the same technology has helped with receiving rewards for services rendered but many new businesses still have not yet taken advantage of these technological advancements and they allow payment to affect their expansion which should not be. Again, ignorance

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With technological advancement and innovations, the barriers between clients and service providers are becoming thinner by the day and many more people need to know and take advantage of it. I see people on twitter advertising their businesses and clients actually making requests but many of them publicly display account numbers for clients to transfer payments to which is largely not advisable especially in this current country where fraud is something to be wary of. This is exactly where payment gateways come in and reason more people should adopt it.

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There have been multinationals who have started with online payment solutions in Nigeria as of today but these are so not affordable by SMEs and other smaller businesses just starting up. But the solution is also not hard to get as we have had experts from within and outside the country and brought online payment solution right to the doorsteps of everyone – including a startup not yet registered.

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I know the fear of most Nigerians and indeed Africans is that can we really trust these local goods? My answer is simple: Yes. In fact, why not?

I have tested and can attest that these local solutions are as reliable if not better than the international counterparts and they offer the same thing and they are available and affordable to EVERY BUSINESS OWNER no matter the size or age of your business.

There are already more than 5 established and standard online payment gateway solutions in Nigeria and here is a quick list;

  1. Paystack
  2. VoguePay
  3. CuePay
  4. Remita
  5. PayU
  6. eTransact

Of course, I know there are others like GTPAY, ZENITH PAY, INTERSWITCH, and others but I am not interested in them. I am interested in solutions that work for EVERYONE including SMALL BUSINESSES and is AFFORDABLE.

All these e-payments solutions use the best encryption so you have nothing to worry about regarding your credit card or bank info being leaked and so your safety and that of your clients are guaranteed.

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Africans need to start exploring our own and be proud of what we have and make the best of it.

Head over to any of these and register so nothing delays or affects your money or disturb you from those potential clients.

Until Next time. Peace

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