How to: Download YouTube Videos offline

Download and save youtube videos to your PC from your phone with super ease


YouTube has been an interesting addition to our lives for some years now allowing us access to very rich media contents for entertainment, educational and various other purposes. For those in countries like the US, Uk and some other well developed countries where internet connection is not metered, consuming and referencing the contents are no issues. For places like Nigeria and other countries where internet access is measured and expensive, having a means to save the videos is very crucial.

The YouTube app for Android and iOS support downloading of videos for watching later but it sure comes with so many limitations which necessitates the development by some geniuses to create a new solution which allows you to grab those cool videos and tutorials and watch them even on another device completely.

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Now I will show you how you can download those favourite YouTube Videos, transfer them to any media of choice, watch them later when more convenient and they never expire.

This method is for android users and it is so very easy. The app name is called Tubemate and obviously it is not available on playstore for download so you will have to use link provided at the end of the article to download it.

Once downloaded and installed on your android device (Phone or tablet), launch it and let’s get started;

1. Open the main YouTube App and locate the video you will like to download

2. While the video is playing, click on share and from the share options presented to you, select Tubemate (as shown in the image below)

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3. The Tubemate app is launched after selecting it and the various sizes and dimensions available for the selected videos are shown. Select the desired dimension and click the download button on the bottom right of the screen.

You can also download twitter videos with ease

4. The download is started and the file is then saved locally on your device storage which can be viewed using any desired player or even copied to an external device.

PS: If you are having any issues downloading the app using the link, you can download the latest version directly here. Click here

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