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I wrote about MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) where you can learn almost anything for FREE. As I mentioned, not all the courses are free and when an offer for a premium course given for free comes, I believe it should be brought to your notice and many should be allowed to benefit.

While going through my own MOOC sessions, as usual, I came across this offer from Udemy – One of the best providers of MOOC, and this premium course was open for free. I guess as part of the CYBER Monday and BLACK FRIDAY offerings but it is something that should not be left without bringing to the notice of numerous enthusiasts who want to learn.

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With a working knowledge of Java Programming in today’s world, you can land yourself that dream job and be made for life or you can stand alone as a freelancer and make awesome cool cash.

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The advantage of this is that being a premium course, you will be getting a certificate of completion when you finish and you can participate in all aspects of the course including assignments.

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Why wait, get going and enroll now before the offer is closed again. Here is the link to register


Please note, after clicking on the link and signing in, click enrol and then start course even if you are not planing to do it immediately as this keeps the course in your purchase history and it remains even after the end of the promo.

Good luck

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