How to move between cpanel without downloading anything


I have always done migration from one host to another and is farely simply and straightforward which many web developers and bloggers are already familiar with. But recently, I had to migrate a website from one host to the other and when I compressed the file ready to download, I was wowed as the files were already over 4 Gigabyte in size. With this Nigerian expensive and slow internet? This was going to be a very difficult task and indeed it was. It took me hours to get it done and it was successful but much was spent.

I am pretty sure many people especially in Nigeria are faced with the same issue and for this reason majorly, they are stuck with an hosting company that they are not truly satisfied with. But you don’t have to be for long again as my experience led me to find out more and I got the answer.

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You can transfer any amount of data from one hosting company to another (cpanel to cpanel) transfer no matter where they are. The hosting companies can be based in nigeria while the other is in india, with just these few steps, you can get you whole website migrated and you will be left with configuration to do.

after purchasing your hosting plan from the new hosting provider, make sure you have created the proper account and though the dns might not have propagated, you can still use ip address, just make sure you remember all credentials

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Step 1.

log on to the new cpanel where you want your files to be transferred to.

a. copy the shared IP address of the host (or dedicated as your case may be)

b. create a dedicated ftp account to be used for the transfer since we will be using ftp connection.

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please note your password and the location where the files will be saved and also make sure the quota is set to unlimited to be safe in case the file being transferred is        too large

Step 2.

now logon to the cpanel where you are migrating from (that is the cpanel where your site currently reside) and do the following

a. under the files tab in cpanel, select backup wizard

b. on the next screen, select Remote FTP Server and enter the necessary credentials of the FTP account created on the new account together with the IP address of our destination server. Note the port number is 21.

It is as simple as that. If all is done well and the supplied credentials are correct, the files from your current server will be migrated to the new server without any issues.

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It could take a while depending on the current size of your website but one thing that is sure is that the time spent is worth it especially if you live in a region where internet data is so expensive and unreliable, then you will value this transfer method.


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