Japanese Scholarship (MEXT 2020) – Application Instructions and Guide


Probably because of the scholarship site not being entirely in English language, some folks have been having issues with the application for the MEXT 2020 hence this new post becomes imperative.

Please note the closing date for submission is June 14, 2019

The application procedure for the MEXT scholarship remains relatively the same as previous years and it is highlighted below.

The Download links for the various required documents are highlighted below.

    1. For undergraduate, here are links to all the application document that need to be downloaded.
      • Guidelines for application
      • Application form (It is advisable to fill this on the system or any other electronic device you use in accessing it before printing. Reason being that various handwriting can cause issues)
      • Direct Placement preference form. This is more like a choice school you would like to attend over there in Japan
      • Certificate of Health. This needs to be signed by a professional medical doctor to show that you are both mentally and physically fit to undergo the study in Japan.
      • Sample Recommendation letter. This will be from either the secondary school principal or vice principal or even one of the teachers in the school. The form here is a sample and any other format of recommendation letters are accepted as long as the important things are highlighted.
    2. Research students (Masters and Ph.D.)
      • Guidelines for application.
      • Application form. Main application form for the scholarship – Just as it is for undergraduate, it is advisable to fill this on a computer system and print to avoid issues with bad handwriting.
      • Placement preference form. This is the form where you fill in university you want to attend over there.
      • Field of Study research plan. This where you need to write your study plan which is basically your reason for choosing the course you want to study, how it relates to the course studied in your undergraduate days.
      • Certificate of Health. This, of course, will be signed by a professional Doctor to ascertain that you are both mentally and physically fit. It involves a series of test you may be required to carry out.
      • Recommendation Letter. This actually is a sample recommendation letter but I believe it can also be used directly or as a guide. It should be noted however that the scholarship board actually allows you to submit in any other format as long as the required information is captured.
    3. For College of Technology Students
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After downloading and filling those forms, you will need the following as well which must be attached with your documents before sending to the Japanese Embassy in Nigeria:

  1. For Masters Degree
    • Academic Transcripts of your undergraduate program.
    • Your degree certificate (B.Sc, B.A, B.Tech, HND, etc) – do not submit the original as it won’t be returned. Submit a signed copy instead.
    • A recent passport-sized Photograph not more than 6 months ago (dimension 4.5 x 3.5 cm).
  2. For Ph.D.
    • Academic Transcripts of Both Undergraduate course and your Masters Course.
    • Your degree certificates of both undergraduate and graduate courses
    • A recent passport-sized Photograph, not more than 6 months and dimension of 4.5 x 3.5 cm
    • For abstracts of the theses, abstracts of the graduation thesis and any presented papers will be accepted. These abstracts will be used as basic data for evaluation of the applicant’s academic ability. Make sure the applicant’s name is on the first page of the abstracts.
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Note: Please ensure all the documents in this picture are attached. The documents number should be written at the top left corner of each documents being attached to indicate the numbers and arranged as appropriate before sending.

MEXT 2020 form submission

Click here to download the image in case you are on a slow network and image is not loading fast enough


The Application document can be either submitted in person at the Japanese Embassy in Abuja or posted via mail to the Embassy

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No. 9 Bobo Street (off Gana Street), Maitama, Abuja

Telephone: 0906 000 9099 or 0906 000 9019

Embassy working hours: (Mon to Thurs) 8:00am to 5:30pm, (Fri) 8:00am to 12:45pm

Please do not send your application in an email

Please note that all this information and links are from the official scholarship website and can be accessed directly here

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If you need clarification on anything, drop your comments and I will respond as soon as I can.


    • I have a question to ask. What is mostly considered for the document screening for someone to pass and be invited for the exams. What will make someone fail the document review??

      • one thing is to mahe suree all submitted documents are correct and accurate and then fill in everything as asked. no lies

    • It is not explicitly stated what the minimum age is but the main conditions are 1. the number of years of education you must have completed (16 years for masters) and 2. not born anything older than April 2, 1985

  1. pls how do i go about finding the university to apply to. am i to do the findings through searching through th school websites or is there any link from the scholarship website.

    • normal google search for universities but make sure they are government universities since it is a government scholarship too

  2. the easiest way is through google search. main thing is not to be looking for private universities. since this is a government scholarship program, almost all government universities in Japan are offering. your own course of choice will determine which of them to choose

    • But you are not sending the application via email but you are submitting physically at the embassy or you send the hard copy via DHL down to them or any other courier service

  3. Please can someone submit the hardcopy on my behalf… Because I’m far away from Abuja and I’m not sure about the credibility of the courier services…

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