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Check out 8 cities in Canada and various statistics regarding jobs especially

canada immigration

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Obviously, Canada is one of the hottest Countries right now people are moving into and that for various reasons including their FREE Healthcare system, Childcare, FREE Education, Low crime rate, immigration law and most importantly, job opportunities.

If you are also considering this move to Canada, especially for the job, you are lucky to be here because you don’t want to make any uninformed decision.

Here are 8 Canadian cities, the most in-demand jobs they are known for & the population of Nigerians in said cities.
Perhaps, it can serve as a decision maker for you or anyone you know.

  1. Toronto, Ontario

Most in-demand jobs: A Tech hub. (If you are into IT and certain professional occupation this is the place for you.)

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Average city pay: $23.21/hr to $51.24 for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 62.6 percent

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia

Most in-demand jobs: Geotechnical Engineer, Accountant, E. Engineer

Average city pay: $26.58/hour for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 62.3%

  1. Edmonton, Alberta

Most in-demand jobs: Administrative Assistant, Legal Assistant, & Operations Manager

Average city pay: $20.63/hr – $52.52/hr for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 69.8 percent

Edmonton is Canada’s festival city, so if you are always in the festive mood, this is your city. So, come and festive your life away.

  1. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Most in-demand jobs: Ranges from Support Clerk, Admin Staff, Customer Service Reps.

Average city pay: $13.47/hr – $33.12 for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 60.3 percent

Winnipeg has the world’s longest skating rink, so if you are the adventurous type who like skating, this is your place.

  1. Guelph, Ontario

Most in-demand jobs: Factory jobs and Administrative Clerk.

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Average pay: $14.16/hr – 44.49/hr for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 72 percent

  1. Quebec City, Quebec

Most in-demand jobs: Specialized Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Clinician

Average pay: $19 /hr – $32.3/hr for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 66.3 percent

If you love the European feel and you speak French, this is your city.

  1. Regina, Saskatchewan

Most in-demand jobs: Caretaker, Building Engineer, Some factory jobs

Average city pay: $16.84/hour – $48.56/hr for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 69.8 percent

Regina is home to Wascana Lake. So, if you love surfing this is the place for you.

  1. Ottawa, Ontario

Most in-demand jobs: Another Tech hub.

Average City pay: $ 14/hr – $34/hr for 7.5 hours a day

Employment rate: 69.8 percent

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This is Canada’s capital. Houses many of the headquarters.

Different jobs are spread across cities in Canada and the good thing is, you don’t have to live in one particular city to be okay.

Click here for details info, cost and assessment of eligibility for the Canada Immigration program.


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