things to know to write perfect statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose Writing: Practical Guides

SoP is the most important document in your application for admission. It is your chance to sell yourself as the best choice to the admission committee and a flop at this could invalidate even your great GRE Score

You can contribute your own part to a credible election, Using...

For almost the first time, it is now possible for the common citizen to actually report elections live as it happens and be a...

How we can create a vibrant science research ecosystem in Nigeria

This piece is about why I think profitable science can't still be done in Nigeria, and what can be done to make it a...
LSETF 2019


Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) Lagos state has always been a pioneer in a number of things and one of the best places (if...
black freedom

The Destruction of Black Civilization…

It is easy to mistake the author’s passion for anger: particularly his fervidness for the development of African nations, and in some instances, his desire to have the written history the other way round. Far from this, the reader is convinced from the second chapter that until Black nations can be built into economic power houses without foreign influence, Africans might not be able to escape the negative stereotypes they’ve been locked into for ages. With this, the Black man is made to understand that accepting to be more French than a Frenchman or more English than a Briton is to agree to the position of an inferior.
learn extra language

Now you can learn a second language – at no cost

As with the core ideals of this blog, we always endeavour to keep you informed with the latest and the best. Most of the best...


INEC ADHOC STAFF recruitment for the 2019 elections has begun. Check your eligibility and apply now before it closes
2019 scholarship

All expense paid Scholarship for BSc, MSC and PhD

Seems some countries and government understand and value education more than the way most African countries and Nigeria especially value education and I believe...
pyes 2019


The Federal Government of Nigeria has launched another youth empowerment programme called P-YES. Similar to N-POWER but a wider reach aims at more

Understanding the Differences between CV and Resumé

Many people (myself included) did not fully grasp the concept of CV and Resume and we often mix them up whereas what is required...
statement of purpose

Guide to writing the perfect Statement of Purpose

This is 2019 and many people schools are already taking applications for various programs. How do you stand out in the midst of thousands of applications received? find out how here

LinkedIn Learning Unlocks ALL courses

LinkedIn has just unlocked all of their courses for January 2019 and made it free for the first month. Yes, Absolutely free of charge and this may be your chance as it is for a limited time only.

How to Download Videos from Your favourite MOOC – Coursera

There are several reasons to want to download videos from MOOC and use offline and here is highlighted simple ways to go about that

Vacancy Announcement! Business Development Manager/Project Manager

Vacancy for An experienced Business Development Manager/Project Manager (preferably a male)

How to: Download YouTube Videos offline

Download and save youtube videos to your PC from your phone with super ease. It is as quick as ABC and guaranteed to play anywhere and any device