Learn any coding language of your choice absolutely for free

Programming, when gotten fully into is so very interesting especially when you are creating a live application and the results are coming in, you almost won't want to leave your computer again

Now you can privately reply to Group messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows you to reply to messages sent to a group privately. You can pick the particular message you want to reply to and only the recipient sees the response

Combining multiple images into PDF

I will make this as simple and straightforward as possible. For some reasons, you may need to convert multiple scanned images like different pages of...

e-Payment solutions in Nigeria: Facts and Misconceptions

So very many misconceptions and myths surround epayment especially in Nigeria and coupled with the security situations in the country, these you should know

Learn Microsoft Power BI for FREE

Power BI is a business analytics tool from Microsoft and one of the most sought-after skills by many companies. Having this knowledge and a certificate will definitely set you on the right path for that career advancement. It is also a very good tool for business owners to easily visualize data and be able to make proper decisions

Learn Java Programming completely free

This is a rare opportunity to learn java programming for those who are I interested in learning this wonderful programming language and you even have a certificate of completion once completed. This is an opportunity that should not be missed. This won't be free forever

Receiving payment with ease: ePayment solutions for businesses

Technology has made doing business quite easy and fun and enabled us to reach a far wider audience but very many are still not using it's full potential especially to the benefit of their business. Payment is one important aspect and people in this part are still missing out.

Learn and Earn a certificate for Free even from your home

You can learn any course or study any subject of your choice even from your home or any other place of comfort to you and earn a certificate or even earn a degree at no cost at all

Accounting: Getting it Right – Simple FREE tools to grow your...

Proper accounting is a major aspect of every business but many people get it wrong because they don't know the right tools or the appropriate tools are expensive. Many never knew that there are FREE tools out there that perform same functions or even better than those expensive tools we all wished we had. Information is indeed power when applied rightly...

UNILAG, fhi360, World Bank Job Openings and Expression of interest –...

Check below for recent jobs from various companies here in Nigeria including University of Lagos, fhi360, World Bank. Also check out for expression of...

Latest Job Vacancies in Nigeria and Expression of interest

Latest job vacancies in Nigeria and expression of interests for businesses

This could really be good: WhatsApp to start running ads

I remember when I started using WhatsApp around 2009 when it first started, it was on my Nokie E71 and this app was good....

Part 2: Simple FREE tools to promote your business

Your business can actually do much better than the current trend only if you know the right tools to use. While some are expensive to you, very many are free to use but few know about them..

How to move between cpanel without downloading anything

Moving your website from one host to another can be extremely cumbersome and frustrating especially when the website is already large and files and database big. But do not worry, now you can easily transfer all your website files from one hosting to another without having to download anything with these easy few steps.

Simple FREE tools to get your business global: the silent master

Do you know that even without a website you can advertise your business online for FREE? You can list services, contact info, addresses of the business and other info and people can reach you