Part 2: Simple FREE tools to promote your business

Tools to promote your business. They are all free


Mhen!!!!! As popular with Nigerians and I think AY (Commedian) started it, I say their father to ignorance because it has enslaved many minds for just too long. (Excuse my colloquialism but there seems to be no other way to deeply express it out, sorry to non-Nigerians who may not flow too well with it).

Some Nigerian and indeed African business owners are struggling more but have less results simply because they are not informed on the right tools to use for promoting their enterprises. What is better than starting and running a business and people patronize your services because they heard? I imagine that feeling alone and it’s so so delightful even when you are not making so much profit yet but the customer says I saw your listing on Google. That feeling in unparalleled because it makes you feel your hard work is paying off but many still don’t know these simple and indeed free things are possible. See why the bashing of ignorance the way I did.

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Publicity for your business could be through word of mouth, radio and tv ads, online ads, Facebook and others but sometimes these are expensive and may not produce as much result. I know someone may say “word of mouth” isn’t expensive but I say it is simply because gaining trust through direct word of mouth ain’t that easy except from clients who have experienced your services before and shared it but for a new business, this may not be so.

As with Google using Google My Business, do you know that WhatsApp alone has over 20 billion worldwide users? And WhatsApp is now owned and controlled by the popular social media giant, Facebook? Imagine the combined efforts of these two and they are both completely FREE.

While others may use their social media for merriment and fun (It’s normal and expected), you can actually use the same platform to promote your enterprise. Do you know that there is a version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp business and far better at business owners? I’m sure many don’t but yes it’s there.

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WhatsApp business is a new inclusion from WhatsApp and subsequently Facebook since they own WhatsApp now which allows you not only to chat but you can also set a proper business profile for your account and people can find info about your business with ease. You can even set automated messages to greet customers and inform them about products and services you offer.

See why I bashed out at ignorance at the start. Ignorance has drowned many but time for enlightenment has come. Now head over to your Google PlayStore or iOS App store and download the WhatsApp for Business app. In fact, you can easily migrate existing chat to it and upgrade it to business profile and you don’t even need to change devices (except of course you would prefer).

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I believe our business will start getting better as we break the chains off the hooks of ignorance and free ourselves.

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