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Whether you are desirous to improve your skills for the purpose of career advancement or you are a business owner who would like to be able to understand and analyze data or you are a freelancer who does data analysis for a living, one thing common to the three categories is the new MICROSOFT POWER BI tool. It was introduced in 2014 and being a software from such a company with the standards of Microsoft, it became hotcake with many companies already adopting it and using it.

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Power BI is a business analytics solution from Microsoft that lets you visualize data, share insights across the organization, or embed them in your app or website. It is a tool which many companies are finding very useful in recent times and the fact that it can manipulate data from Microsoft Excel makes it adoption very easy and fast hence learning it can definitely have a big boost on your career and even personal business.

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Since I started on these MOOCs, it is imperative to bring you this wonderful tool and help those interested in learning and getting the knowledge desired.

Now you can also learn Power BI completely free of charge just like all the other MOOCs introduced already.

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This course is offered on edX, one of my very favourite MOOC providers and the certificate is from Microsoft directly. however, while the course is completely free of charge, you need to pay for the certificate.

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The course is currently open and I encourage all to enroll right away and get started by following this link.

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