Now you can privately reply to Group messages in WhatsApp


WhatsApp messenger has been one of the most widely used messengers for quite some time now even replacing conventional text messaging and new features been added with each update released.

The latest version of WhatsApp is 2.18.361 released November 26, 2018 and comes with some pretty cool stuff among which is the ability to reply privately to messages sent in a group chat. Yes, reply privately to Group chat messages.

First you need to ensure you are running the latest version which is what is stated about and then the following steps:


In the group chat, long press the messages you want to reply to and click on the 3 dots on the top right of the group chat screen. Select reply privately as shown in the image below

A chat with the person opens and you reply the message privately without anyone else in the group seeing your response.

When you or the person clicks on the message replied to it takes you back to the group where the message came from and the flow is not lost.

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Other new features with this update are

  • Now you reply to messages by swiping instead of simply selecting the message as it was before
  • Stickers are now supported and there is an amazing stickers you can download

If using android, click here to download awesome stickers now.

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