How to stream recorded videos to Facebook Live from your PC


Facebook live (which is a service that allows you stream videos to audiences) has been on for some times now and many of us are already using it. It is quite easy to use and actually fun for some as it allows you to directly broadcast yourself or an event to facebook for your followers to see as the events unfold.

But what about when you want to teach a live audience and you would like to play a recorded session as a live session again? Or you are into trainings and there are some hands-on activities that you like for your audiences to see on your computer desktop or even you would like to record both your desktop screens and camera at the same time? These are features the default facebook live support both mobile and desktop don’t allow you do this.

There are many paid software and apps that allow you do these and more but I will be focusing on one in particular and reason being that it is feature packed, versatile and absolutely free of charge to use.

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Please follow the steps below;

Download the software. The name of the software is OBS Studio. Click here to download

Select the appropriate edition based on the operating system on your PC. I am using windows PC so focusing on the windows edition for now.

Install the downloaded software. Installation on Windows PC is quite easy. Just follow onscreen instructions and you are good to go.


Once installation is complete, go to program list and open it. Please not that if your system is 64bit, choose 64bit and if your windows installation is 32bit, then choose correspondingly. After opening, you should see a windows similar to this;


Click on settings

 Select streams from the windows that appears, choose facebook live from the list under service and then paste your streaming key.

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Your streaming key is a unique key given by your streaming service provider and in this case facebook. Below highlights how to obtain your unique streaming key

Go to, login and select the page you will like to stream to. I have selected my own facebook page here

After selecting the page and it is loaded, click on publishing tool, the click video library and finally click onCopy your streaming key as it appears after clicking on live

Paste the streaming key into the appropriate section inside OBS Studio, click apply and then OK.

On the home screen of OBS studio under sources, click on the + and then select media source


Click on browse to select the video file on the system


Select the video and click on OK

Click on OK again

Now the video is loaded and already playing.


While the video is playing, click on start streaming as highlighted in the image and the video starts streaming to facebook.

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Once the preview appears, you can go live when you are satisfied with what you have playing and people can connect and watch as if it is a live event.

When done, just click on stop streaming and the stream will stop once.

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