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It doesn’t really matter what type of business you run (online or offline), the size of the business (1 or 1000 employees), state the business is in (planning stage, start-up or full time established), how long the business has been running (zero or 50 years), every business and I mean every business needs publicity and ignorance is affecting so very many such that many don’t know How to go about this.

So many businesses would have become bigger than what they currently are or some could have been able to secure deals if they had done a little more but ignorance has kept many at bay and unexposed to numerous opportunities to promote their enterprises. Talk of promoting your business, you might be thinking of those expensive bill boards or fliers or radio jingle, TV commercials or even facebook ads and Google AdWords, yes those are there but how many people can really afford that? Again, ignorance.

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Advertisement or publicity have always been attached with big money and people often overlook and never know that there are numerous other platforms completely FREE where they can promote their businesses and this is where we enlighten ourselves.

The platform I’m talking about in this episode is offered by the popular internet giant Google, yes Google. And this tool is called “Google my business”

It has been on for almost as long as Google itself and many really don’t consider the potentials in it despite Google being the most popular platform and name on almost everyone’s mind and it is FREE to use. With Google My Business, you can even without a website advertise your business online for FREE? You can list services, contact info, addresses of the business and other info and people can reach you just by typing in your name.

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With data no longer much of an issue in Nigeria these days and like the slogan of Airtel internet, data is life, all and I mean all the tools you need are within your disposal and all for free. In fact, you don’t need a website to get known around you and give your business a big boost and even go the world over. The biggest of businesses all start small, some as small as in their living room or a garage and now known world over: yours too can be the same.

As seen in the screenshot below, just a type of the business name into the search window and all info supplied about a business is displayed. Just like I mentioned earlier, you don’t even need a website to get started and it’s all for free!!!!


With more than 2 billion active users on android monthly and all powered by google, more Google search users than any other in the world, imagine the extent you can reach and purely organic which means FREE.

Enough said, head over to Google business today and get your business enlisted

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