Virtualization – Part Three (Installing windows XP)


Now that we are familiar with Virtual box virtualization machine and we’ve been able to get it installed, we will now be installing Microsoft Windows XP onto it as if we were to be installing it on a normal PC.

Let’s begin;

  1. Open virtual box and select/locate the CD image that contains the image of the desired operating system we want to install – in this case WINDOWS XP. Select the Machine you want to install from the list shown, click on settings, point to storage, select CD: Empty, Select the ISO image we will be loading from and then click ok.


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2. Once the CD image has been successfully loaded, click on start to power up your machine and the installation process begins. I will be showing only the screenshots here whereas you only need to follow the on scree directions given to successfully finish the installation of windows XP.

3. After the installation of windows XP is complete as normal, we are then allowed to boot into the new operating system while the host machine is also running without any difficulty.

4. One last thing after concluding the OS installation is the installation of the extension pack we downloaded. The extension pack allows more feature like we would have in a normal physical PC to be available for use like the USB 3.0, display drivers, shared folder etc.

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a. Click on devices in the virtual box main windows and select insert guest additions cd image.

b. Follow the on screen instruction as well as the screenshots below to get it completely installed and then reboot your new PC.

NB: in case you encounter any  dialogue asking for confirmation to install drivers, simply click on continue as there is no risk involved, this is only common with Windows XP

And Voila, WIndows XP is installed in our virtual Machine which is hosted on a Windows 10 PC

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